EcmaScript Training

JavaScript continues to be the most prominent programming language in the Software Development industry. It is one of those languages that continue to evolve every year. With the release of every new EcmaScript version, JavaScript is taken to a different level. In this code-intensive training, you get the unique opportunity to learn JavaScipt and everything from ES6 and beyond from our experts where we cover topics right from beginner to advanced. Our training is backed with developing a real-world project using a JavaScript framework of your choice. The following topics will be covered in depth:

  • Variables
  • Block Scope and Let
  • Arrow Functions
  • Spread Operator
  • Functional Programming
  • Template Strings
  • Default Parameters
  • Classes
  • Promises, Iterators and Generators
  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Weak Maps
  • Modules
  • Web Components
  • HTML Imports
  • HTML Templates
  • Shadow DOM
  • Custom Elements
  • Exponentiation Operator
  • Array Comprehensions
  • Generator Comprehensions
  • Array.prototype.includes
  • Typed Objects
  • Rest parameter destructuring
  • Async Functions
  • Async Generators
  • Shared Memory, and Atomics
  • Object.values/Object.entries
  • String padding
  • Object Observe
  • Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors()
  • Trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls

Cazton can help you and your team master JavaScript and EcmaScript by providing an intensive hands-on training covering from the basics to advanced level. This code-intensive training lets you explore EcmaScript from basics to advanced level and gives a first-hand experience developing an application written using EcmaScript from scratch.

Over the years, Cazton has expanded into a global company servicing clients not only across the United States, but in Europe and Canada as well. In the United States, we provide our JavaScript & EcmaScript Consulting and Training Services across various cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, New Jersey, Irvine, Los Angeles, Denver, Boulder, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, San Diego and others. Our Experts remain committed to the vision of providing the best technical training to our clients. Contact Us today to learn more about our TypeScript Training.

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