Enterprise Search

At Cazton, we have Enterprise Search experts who have years of experience working with many different enterpise search technologies including but not limited to Apache Solr, Lucidworks Fusion, ElasticSearch, ELK Stack. Our expert team of Architects, Consultants and Developers can build custom applications and consult you with any scalability issues, explain hardware requirements and offer best practices and architectural design patterns that suit your application requirements. Our experts have worked on projects with terabytes of data that are scaled across several clusters and helped many customers develop Solr/ElasticSearch integrated applications that offer great performance, high scalability, availability and fault tolerance.


Solr Consulting

Search is one of the most important aspects in any application. Could you imagine Amazon, one of the world's largest e-commerce websites, without a search functionality? It would be nearly impossible...

Elasticsearch Consulting

Search is one of the most important tools in any web application. Having a robust and fool-proof search system can boost your business growth in many ways. One such technology that empowers search is...

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