Cazton is composed of technical professionals with expertise gained all over the world and in all fields of the tech industry and we put this expertise to work for you. We help clients not only with the understanding the benefits of DevOps, but also with the right way of implementing it. We focus on making sure that DevOps is embedded in the DNA of the client team. Contact us now to learn more about our DevOps services.


DevOps Consulting

DevOps is no longer a buzzword. It’s a combination of best practices, philosophies and tools that enable an organization to speedup software application delivery and you should be using it. In short, DevOps enables digital transformation of a company.

Terraform Consulting

Terraform is the most popular infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that allows us to define resources for public-cloud, private-cloud, multi-cloud on-premises and PaaS and SaaS services using configuration files that are easy to read, version, reuse, and share. At Cazton, we help Fortune 500, large and mid-size companies with Terraform development, multi-cloud automation, deployment, consulting, recruiting services and hands-on training services.

Microservices Consulting

Transitioning from monolith apps to services was a logical progression. In order to have services or APIs that could communicate with external as well as internal systems, it made sense to take a particular component of the system and convert it into services.

Kubernetes Consulting

Google used Kubernetes internally for about 15 years of experience before finally open sourcing it. As we can imagine Google probably has the highest production workload given that and are the two top websites in the world.

Docker Consulting

In Enterprise software development we have a lot of challenges on a daily basis. We have different team members who have different strengths. UI developers might want to work on a Mac, while the backend developers might like to work in a Windows environment.

Agile Consulting

The evolution of the software and software industry has been remarkable over the years. From the mid 1900's when the first electronic computer originated to today where we have control over almost anything at the tips of our fingers, this journey has completely changed the world we live in. The journey, which began with IBM's first mainframe computer to Apple's iPhone to Artificial Intelligent machines, shows how technology is a perfect blend of great ideas and innovation. The goal was to achieve more sophistication and provide a better user experience. Along with this technical advancement, there were various software development methodologies and practices that evolved to bring in more sophistication. Today in this article, we take a look at one such evolutionary methodology called Agile that changed the way software is created.

Azure Consulting

Many startups and mid-to-big size organizations tend to move towards cloud computing for their application or infrastructure deployment. Companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft provide cloud computing platforms and services with a wide range of benefits. Usually there are three types of cloud services typically known as Software as a Service or SAAS, Infrastructure as a Service or IAAS and Platform as a Service or PAAS. Services like Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's AWS are the top cloud services that companies prefer to use.

Azure AI Search

How do you decide which search engine to pick? Do you look which languages it supports, compatibility with devices or the ease of use? How does a search engine work? Can a search engine be more than a full-text search? Would you like to get more information and analytics out of your mammoth size data?

Big Data Consulting

With every passing second, the amount of data shared and transferred between humans is unimaginable. To manage, analyze, make predictions and decisions using that data is a daunting task. With data being a critical asset, companies today strive to understand the latest market trends, customer preferences and other requirements, thus making understanding large amount of data imperative.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Our CEO, Chander Dhall, became fascinated with machine learning over a decade ago. Having a masters in computer science, he has always kept up with academia even though the company primarily works on projects for mid and large size Fortune 500 corporations. Having been awarded by both Microsoft (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for close to a decade) and Google (Google Developer Expert), he has been fortunate to interact and share knowledge with the ones who create these technologies.

Microsoft Consulting

Have you worked with multi-billion dollar consulting and recruiting companies? If yes, we are sure we can provide more quality services at a much more affordable rates. We have been fortunate to work directly with Microsoft product teams for many years. Our team includes Microsoft awarded Most Valuable Professionals, Azure Insiders, Docker Insiders, ASP.NET Insiders, Web API Advisors, Cosmos DB Insiders as well as experts in other Microsoft and notable open source technologies.

Software Architecture Consulting

The term architecture generally means the practice of designing or building something. Software architecture is the process of taking operational and technical requirements, and designing a solution that optimizes things important to the system like quality, performance, security, and maintainability. If we envision what is needed to build software, it is similar to the process of constructing a building. In the latter, architects first start by selecting a site. It is then cleared by creating a solid foundation. Architects and workers then erect the building's core structure, build the floors, level by level; interconnect the entire building with wires and plumbing, and finally finish off the interior and exterior of the building.

Lambda Architecture

Since the evolution of a wide variety of devices, the volume of data being captured has grown. The IoT is emerging as a key enabler of our digital future, and global spending on IoT and Smart devices will increase tremendously in the next few years. There has been a widespread adoption of different types of technologies in industries like banking and investment services, education, healthcare, insurance, and many others.

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