Enterprise Architecture

At Cazton, we have experts who have decades of real-world hands-on experience of implementing enterprise-level software architectures and design patterns in a wide variety of software projects that are modular, maintainable, testable and futuristic. Our enterprise-level practice is led by a professionals who have been former Microsoft and Google employees, former IBMers and internationally-acclaimed speakers. Contact us now to learn more about our enterprise architecture and development services.


Lambda Architecture

Since the evolution of a wide variety of devices, the volume of data being captured has grown. The IoT is emerging as a key enabler of our digital future, and global spending on IoT and Smart devices...

Software Architecture Consulting

The term architecture generally means the practice of designing or building something. Software architecture is the process of taking operational and technical requirements, and designing a solution...

Salesforce Consulting

Growth is the most important factor for any organization. To have a sustained growth, the organization has to follow certain rules and regulations, apply strategies and practices, and depend on...

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