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Mastering Aurelia

Aurelia is modern, forward-thinking, conventions-based, next-gen UI framework which leverages conventions over configuration. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, coding with Aurelia is extremely simplified and it allows you to build UI that is maintainable, testable, and extensible. It supports latest JavaScript versions viz ES5, ES6, TypeScript, Dart and ES.Next unlike other frameworks in the market. This learning Path will immerse you in the JavaScript world, where you will mature as a developer by exploring the best practices for building single page apps.

Our training and course materials are designed by Aurelia Core Team members. No one has more expertise with Aurelia than Cazton! The best way to learn Aurelia is by developing an Aurelia app. Participants will build real-world Aurelia applications in our workshop-style classes. For those who prefer a more customized approach, our classes can also be delivered onsite. Please contact training@cazton.com for more details.

Modern JavaScript, Tooling & Testing

  • ES2015, ES2016 and Beyond
  • TypeScript
  • Package Managers
  • Task Runners
  • Transpilers
  • Survey of Front-End IDEs and Editors
  • Introducton to Jasmine
  • Using Karma
  • Using Protractor

The Modern Browser

  • Introduction to the Modern DOM
  • Web Components

Getting Started with Aurelia & Aurelia Basics

  • Setting up Your Environment
  • Working with Package Managers & Module Loaders
  • Understanding Aurelia Startup & Configuration
  • Creating Components
  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Understanding Data Binding
  • Understanding Templating

Aurelia Dynamic UI

  • Understanding Routing

Creating Components

  • Understanding Custom Elements


  • Using 3rd Party Libraries & Services
  • Unit Testing View Models
  • Bundling

Aurelia Dynamic UI

  • Understanding Dynamic Composition

Creating Components

  • Understanding Custom Attributes

Aurelia’s Own Architecture

  • How Does Templating Work?
  • How Does Binding Work?
  • How Does Routing Work?

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