Tech Debt Terminators

  • Microsoft Build presentation: Cazton CEO, a Microsoft AI MVP, was honored as a tech expert at Microsoft Build 2023. He taught a lab on Azure OpenAI at Build.
  • Empowering Through Democratization: Cazton shares their tools, techniques, and processes, enabling others to benefit from their successful track record and foster widespread innovation.
  • Dissecting the Failure of Technical Projects: Understand the multiple factors causing the surprisingly high failure rates of technical projects, especially in AI, ranging from technical debt accumulation to misaligned tech capabilities.
  • Unveiling 'Tech Debt Terminators': Explore Cazton's solution to the tech failure crisis – a holistic code-level analysis service. Understand how it's more than just troubleshooting, emphasizing on educating client developers and ensuring best coding practices become second nature.
  • The Blueprint of Project Failures: A comprehensive list of reasons for the failures observed in tech projects. This section sheds light on often overlooked aspects, such as the lack of a robust tech infrastructure, the importance of continuous tech model maintenance, and the need for transparent AI models.
  • Secret Sauce of Cazton's Success: Delve deep into the components behind Cazton's unparalleled triumph in the tech landscape. From a team of top industry professionals, proprietary innovations, and the visionary leadership to their proven success record and range of services, get a holistic view of what sets Cazton apart.

Introduction to Tech Debt Terminators: A Complete Code Level Analysis Service by Cazton

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, the success rate of technical projects, including AI ones, remains disappointingly low. Many companies embark on ambitious tech ventures, only to see them fail due to a variety of reasons. This high failure rate presents a significant challenge for businesses looking to capitalize on the potential of digital modernization, such as artificial intelligence. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind these failures and introduce Cazton's 'Tech Debt Terminators' service, which is designed to help companies identify and address the root causes of failure in all technical projects, including AI ones.

Cazton's Success

Cazton has established itself as a unique player in the tech industry, boasting a 100% success rate in AI projects (1), which is particularly impressive considering the industry-wide failure rate of 83-92% as reported by Fortune. Our team of experienced professionals and expert-led training programs have enabled us to achieve this unparalleled level of success. This success, in turn, has allowed us to develop innovative processes and services that can help other companies succeed in their tech endeavors, including AI projects.

Introduction to 'Tech Debt Terminators'

Tech Debt Terminators is Cazton's comprehensive code level analysis service. We not only focus on understanding the 'why' behind tech project failures, including AI ones, but also strive to make client developers better by training them on their own code. Our team conducts brown bag sessions and provides 1 on 1 training to help developers improve their coding skills. This is imperative as over time, best practices become ingrained in the team's DNA, reducing dependence on us and alleviating the workload of top team members.

Instead of the usual scenario where a select few are overburdened with assisting others and managing production bugs, our approach helps in reducing tech debt, thereby diminishing unproductive work like battling outages and fixing production issues. In turn, this enhances the work environment. We also increase code completion by enhancing code coverage on unit, integration, and automation tests - essentials for success often deemed low priority in many teams. By delving deep into the code and identifying the root causes of failure, we provide actionable insights and recommendations for improvement. Our service aims to equip companies with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the success of their technical projects, such as AI ones.

The 'Why' of Failure

There are numerous reasons why projects, including AI ones, fail in the tech landscape. Some common factors include:

  • Ever increasing technical debt.
  • Lack of clear objectives and goals.
  • Insufficient data or poor data quality.
  • Inadequate team expertise and experience.
  • Misalignment between tech capabilities, such as AI, and business needs.
  • Poor project management and execution.
  • Overlooking ethical considerations and biases in tech algorithms, especially AI ones.
  • Ineffective collaboration between business, IT, and data science teams.
  • Lack of a robust tech infrastructure and computing resources, particularly for AI projects.
  • Overemphasis on short-term gains instead of long-term strategic planning.
  • Failure to address legal and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Inability to scale tech solutions, like AI ones, from proof of concept to production.
  • Lack of a comprehensive tech governance framework, including AI governance.
  • Insufficient investment in training and upskilling the workforce.
  • Overlooking the importance of data security and privacy.
  • Ignoring the need for continuous monitoring and maintenance of tech models, including AI ones.
  • Inadequate attention to user feedback and adaptability.
  • Excessive focus on technology-driven solutions instead of user-centric approaches.
  • Failure to incorporate tech solutions, such as AI, into the overall business strategy.
  • Lack of transparency and clarity in tech models, particularly AI ones.
  • Ineffective communication of tech project outcomes and value to stakeholders, including AI projects.

In this section, we will discuss these factors in more detail, shedding light on the common pitfalls that companies face when embarking on tech projects, including AI ones.

The 'Why' of Success: A Deep Dive into Cazton's Key Factors

Cazton's remarkable success in the world of tech solutions, including AI, can be traced back to a perfect blend of key elements that set the company apart from its competitors. This section provides an in-depth analysis of those components, showcasing how they contribute to the company's accomplishments.

  • Experienced Team of Professionals: Cazton's workforce is its most valuable asset. With a team comprising top-notch industry veterans who have a thorough understanding of creating, scaling, and optimizing multi-billion-dollar enterprise applications, Cazton possesses the necessary expertise to cater to the needs of billions of users. This expertise spans across a wide array of domains, including web and app development, cloud, hybrid solutions, cybersecurity, automation, DevOps, MLOps, AI, and Big Data.
  • Proprietary IP and Extensive Industry Experience: Cazton's proprietary intellectual property and vast industry experience allow the company to stay ahead of the curve. The team's ability to work on both big and small data projects, an area in which very few companies excel, gives Cazton a unique edge in the market. This adaptability enables the company to provide tailor-made solutions for clients, regardless of their data size or industry.
  • Expert-Led Training Programs: Cazton recognizes that the key to long-term success lies in continuous learning and improvement. The company's expert-led training programs help its team stay updated with the latest technological advancements and industry best practices. These programs not only ensure that Cazton's workforce remains skilled and knowledgeable but also play a crucial role in maintaining the company's reputation as an industry leader.
  • The Visionary Leadership of Chander Dhall: The foundation of Cazton's success is the visionary leadership of its founder, Chander Dhall. An internationally recognized technology expert, Chander's passion for innovation and commitment to excellence have shaped Cazton into the powerhouse it is today. As a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft AI MVP, and a Google Developer Expert, Chander's is a respected technical expert, making him a sought-after speaker at top technical conferences worldwide and thought leader in the tech community.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: Cazton's impressive portfolio of successful tech projects, including AI ones, speaks volumes about the company's capabilities and commitment to client satisfaction. By consistently delivering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions, Cazton has earned the trust of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups.
  • Comprehensive Range of Services: Cazton's wide array of services enables the company to cater to diverse client requirements. By offering end-to-end solutions in AI, Big Data, cloud computing, and software development, Cazton can effectively address the unique challenges faced by its clients, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.

In conclusion, Cazton's success is the result of a potent combination of an experienced and skilled team, proprietary IP, extensive industry experience, expert-led training programs, strong leadership, and a proven track record of success. By continuously honing its expertise and staying ahead of emerging trends, Cazton is well-positioned to maintain its status as a premier provider of tech solutions, including AI ones.


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User Experience is Not Just Graphic Design

At the core of every successful project lies an exceptional user experience. Cazton understands that delivering a superior user experience involves more than just impressive graphic design, which the company excels at and recognizes as an essential component. It also encompasses the art and science of creating high-performing, highly scalable systems that meet and exceed client expectations.

Cazton's team of experts, which includes UX experts, cognitive scientists, data scientists, developers, and other roles mentioned earlier, works diligently and intelligently to ensure that the company's solutions not only look visually appealing but also function seamlessly and efficiently. By focusing on end-to-end system design and utilizing the most suitable technologies and frameworks, Cazton can create products that offer an unparalleled user experience.

This comprehensive approach to user experience design involves several key aspects. Firstly, Cazton's experts collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and goals. This deep understanding of client needs allows the team to develop tailored solutions that truly address the challenges faced by the client.

Secondly, Cazton employs cutting-edge technologies, tools, and methodologies to build robust and scalable systems. By staying ahead of emerging trends and continuously updating their skills, Cazton's multidisciplinary team can develop innovative solutions that keep clients ahead of the competition.

Lastly, the team at Cazton places a strong emphasis on performance optimization and system scalability. Through rigorous testing, monitoring, and optimization, Cazton ensures that its solutions are not only visually appealing but also meet the highest standards of performance and stability.

By combining expertise in graphic design with a deep understanding of system design, technology, and frameworks, Cazton's diverse team of experts is able to deliver comprehensive solutions that truly stand out in the market. This commitment to excellence in user experience is yet another factor that contributes to the company's remarkable success and sets it apart from its competitors.

'Tech Debt Terminators' in Action : The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Tech Projects

A common pitfall in the world of tech projects, including AI ones, is the tendency to rely solely on data scientists or developers to deliver successful outcomes. While these professionals are undoubtedly crucial to the process, expecting them to single-handedly drive tech projects to success is both unrealistic and unfair. In order to achieve the desired results, it is essential to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that involves a diverse team of experts, each bringing their unique skill sets and perspectives to the table. This collaborative approach is at the heart of Cazton's success in executing tech projects, including AI ones.

At Cazton, we recognize that successful tech projects, such as AI ones, necessitate the involvement of seasoned enterprise and ML architects, data engineers, developers, automation experts, and DevOps and MLOps team members. Each of these professionals plays a vital role in ensuring the effective implementation and smooth functioning of tech projects.

Enterprise and ML architects provide the necessary guidance and expertise in designing scalable and robust tech systems, particularly AI ones. Their in-depth understanding of both business requirements and technical constraints enables them to devise optimal strategies for integrating tech capabilities, like AI, into existing systems.

Data engineers, on the other hand, are responsible for collecting, processing, and managing the vast amounts of data that fuel tech projects, including AI ones. Their expertise in data handling, storage, and retrieval ensures that the project has a solid foundation upon which to build tech models and algorithms, especially AI ones.

Developers bring the tech solutions, such as AI ones, to life by writing the necessary code and creating user interfaces that facilitate seamless interaction between the tech system and its end-users. Their ability to translate complex algorithms and models into functional applications is crucial for the successful deployment of tech projects, including AI ones.

Automation experts play a key role in streamlining processes and reducing the potential for human error, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the tech project. Their proficiency in automating tasks and workflows allows the project team to focus on more strategic and high-impact activities.

Our DevOps and MLOps team members play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between development and operations, including the automation of ML pipelines. They ensure that these pipelines are seamlessly integrated into existing systems and processes. Their responsibilities extend to monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing the performance of tech systems. They also oversee the deployment of tech models, especially AI ones, and are accountable for their continuous improvement. By proactively managing and optimizing these models, they contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and success of tech projects.

In addition to this multidisciplinary team, Cazton employs proprietary processes that further enhance the likelihood of success for tech and AI projects. These processes are designed to streamline workflows, foster communication and collaboration, and ensure projects are executed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

By combining the expertise of a diverse team of professionals with well-defined processes, Cazton has been able to consistently deliver successful tech projects for its clients, including AI ones. This holistic approach not only maximizes the chances of project success but also fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that sets Cazton apart in the competitive tech landscape.

Our 'Tech Debt Terminators' service involves a thorough analysis of your tech project's code, including AI projects, identifying areas of improvement and providing recommendations for optimization. We work closely with client teams to understand their specific needs and objectives, conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis to ensure a tailored approach. In this section, we will delve into the process and benefits of 'Tech Debt Terminators', highlighting its value for companies looking to improve their tech project outcomes, including AI ones.

OpenAI PoC in a week: Harnessing the Power of 'Tech Debt Terminators' and 'AI Express PoC'

When the strengths of 'Tech Debt Terminators' and 'AI Express PoC' are combined, businesses can unlock numerous benefits that lead to more successful AI projects. For example, we offer a rapid turnaround on customized PoCs for OpenAI projects. Within just one to two weeks, depending on the chosen options, we produce a PoC that includes a ready-to-use UI and API. This allows clients to test the solution internally before deciding how best to integrate it into their broader business strategy. The swift, hands-on experience facilitates informed decision-making and speeds up the process of adopting AI. Here are some benefits that businesses can expect:

  • Increased Success Rate for AI Projects: 'Tech Debt Terminators' address the root causes of project failures while 'AI Express PoC' enables quick development and testing of AI solutions, increasing the chances of project success.
  • Streamlined development, DevOps and ML Processes: These services combined enable businesses to spot and resolve code issues early while rapidly testing AI solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Early identification and resolution of technical debt coupled with the swift development of AI PoCs save both time and money. Businesses avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that their AI solutions are a perfect fit for their needs.
  • High quality comprehensive solutions: The combined expertise of 'Tech Debt Terminators' and 'AI Express PoC' provides businesses with a complete solution for developing, testing, and optimizing tech and AI projects. This ensures higher success rates and more efficient use of resources.

In conclusion, the synergy of 'Tech Debt Terminators' and 'AI Express PoC' offers a robust solution for businesses seeking to overcome the challenges of AI projects and unlock their full potential. By leveraging these two innovative services, companies can significantly enhance their AI project outcomes, ensuring success in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


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  1. Information accurate as of August 1, 2023 (the time of publishing)

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