3 things you should expect on your journey to success

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Hello I'm Chander Dhall, CEO of Cazton and today I'd like to share three things you should expect on your journey to success.

No.1 Denial

When you start something big, even if it is a cause like a Non Profit Organization or a Business or anything like that people around you especially the one's that love you, will try to discourage you, because they don't want you to fail.

It's not that they don't like you, they love you so much and they've had failures in life and they don't want you to lose anything.

And they want you to have a great future. When I started my business, a lot of people told me not to do it. Lot of my really good friends in the professional world came and offered me much better jobs than what I was even making at that time. But I decided to go on my own and take this journey to the next level.

Quite interestingly my friends, did not even bring me business because they knew they failed in their own businesses and they didn't want me to fail at all. And there's nothing wrong with them being a certain way.

No.2 Ridicule

When you start losing which will happen. You're going to lose battles inorder to win the war. People around you are now going to come and tell you.

"We told you! You made the wrong mistake." In fact that happened to me, when I had one of my businesses, one of my big clients filed bankrupcy and I was completely close to being broke.

My employees had way more money than I did. In fact when I started with 5000 dollars in bank, it's probably back to another 5000 dollars in bank.

That's it! After so much hard work. So why is it important? You got to understand that being ridiculed, is something you should avoid but never worry about failure.

You've got to lose battles inorder to win the war. And every battle you lose, remember you're only gaining experience.

What you lose is some material posession, that can come back and you can recreate them. You can go to the next level and it would not even matter. But the experience and discipline that comes after losing battles is priceless.

No 3. Acceptance

The stage of acceptance. There are a lot of people who would not believe you had anything going on.

There's a lot of people that are going to ridicule you behind your back. Well one thing I might tell you, when it comes to the stage of acceptance, all of them go in the fanclub right there.

They actually appreciate you for whatever you've accomplished, because you've now done something way bigger than yourself and if it is something that helps a lot of other people.

People will appreciate and they will accept you as it is. And they will trust in your abilities for future more than their own ability.

And one last tip, no matter what the stage is, its going to be the same people. The same people will justify your failures are going to justify your success.

So one thing you have to keep in mind, is whatever you do remember you do it for the greater good that helps other people. Because, regardless of you succeeding or failing you got to enjoy that journey. And the only way to enjoy that journey is if you make others successful.

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