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MVP MIX - San Francisco 2017

MVP MIX is a two-day training in .Net, HTML5, JavaScript, EcmaScript, AngularJS, Xamarin, TypeScript, React, Aurelia, Design Patterns, Azure, DocumentDB, Web API and REST, iOS, Big Data, Redis, Elasticsearch (and other relevant No-Sql databases), and other awesome technologies.

MVP MIX is a premium international developer conference. With keynote speakers from Microsoft and the community like Scott Hanselman, Rob Eisenberg, Scott Hunter, Phil Haack, Ayende Rahien, Todd Anglin, Stephen Bohlen and many others we bring to you the best in the industry right close to you.

Every year, we bring in world-renowned speakers. It's a great event for networking and learning from peers who have been very successful in their careers. In 2015, we had testimonies from five developers who increased their salaries anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 in just one year.

The conference is organized by Chander Dhall who is also the Dev Chair for Dev Connections - the conference with more than a decade of international acclaim. This year, we will bring in a lot of speakers who spoke at DevConnections.

Chander is also an awarded Microsoft MVP and an ASP.NET Insider apart from being a successful Enterprise Architect/Developer who speaks at international conferences (including TechEd and DevConnections) and works hard to bring the best to the conferences he organizes including MVP MIX and jsSaturday.

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